Wednesday, November 16, 2011

going through the motions

"...In the morning, he will be well, although likely never healed." -The Prydain Chronicles, Book 4

        It's that fun time of the year again, yes friends, the holidays.  Holidays are pure training fuel for me, I am always determined to start the year from a good point to either grow or get lean, usually i just like staying fit-ish and not tipping too much to either side.  I'm switching up a bit between now and the end of the year due to traveling, i don't really want to get on a program and sorta stutter step through it.  It's overall not too hard, i mean let's be honest, most holiday parties, esp company ones, are really just for people and their families, so fuck that noise.  I got other things to do with my not terribly free time.

        Started wearing ankle weights again, i forgot how much of a love-hate i have with these, but then, i seem to be all about love-hates, so i guess it makes sense.  Alright, alright, i'm not here to whine, here's a picture of a bear:

        Bears make me smile.

  • Deadlift: Deathset 275
  • Push Press: 4x6 135
  • A1. DB Floor Press: 3x8 50
  • A2. Bent Lateral: 3x8 40
  • DB Hammer: 3x8 20
  • EZ French: 3x8 45
  • Wukong: 4x6

        Every time i do a liquid cut it gets easier and easier...but the results are always good.  I feel like i'm starting this one from a decent degree, so i imagine i can get as lean as i need to be for now.  Good place to start the new year from.

Today's TrainingTune: Aesthetics (are a Moral Imperative) - Surgyn