Tuesday, November 29, 2011

i can go where no one else goes

        Rawr, i feel like this guy today:

        Got up and hit it pretty solid today, it's funny, every so often I'll go on a cycle where i do really limited cardio and don't work any sort of metabolic schemes into my lifting...and you know, when i go back into a cycle where i'm doing cardio and metabolic work, i never think "man, i miss not doing cardio and metabolic work".  At this point, i don't really do it because it's essential for staying lean, I do it because it's fucking FUN.  Swinging kettlebells is fun, farmer's walks are fun, bagwork is fun, heck, walking with ankleweights is FUN.  So in celebration, here are 24 more roaring bears.  I seriously want to find a gym that has chains again when I move, not for lifting, but for bodyweight work.  Chain pushups are the shit.
  • Squat: 5x5 225
  • Clean: 4x6 145
  • DB Incline: 3x8 65
  • Bent BB Row: 3x8 135
  • A1. Lateral Raise: 3x8 15
  • A2. Front Twist Press: 3x8 10
  • DB Farmer's Walk: 4x50yd 50
        I don't mind going slightly lighter for speed and lowered rest, it feels like i'm incorporating mobility into my lifts.  Don't get me wrong, I like grinding too (ask my ex's), but fat loss is not the time for such things in my opinion.  I think i'm going to incorporate an evening walk on days i don't go to martial arts, just to keep everything skippy.  4 miles a day doesn't feel like much, and since it's still nice down here in SoCal, might as well keep taking advantage of the awesome weather while i'm around.

Today's TrainingTune: Master Of Light - Monster Magnet