Monday, November 28, 2011

our kingdoms coming down

        Ok, life and travelling have finally settled down for a foreseeable month barring having to fly out to the bay or seattle for interviews, so it's back to regular training.  Turkey-to-Tree starts today and i gotta say the fact that i don't have to work is probably going to make this one of the more succesful T2Ts i've ever done.  So this should be fun, I'm doing a liquid carb cycle, 1:1 on training days and 2:1 on off days, which works out to something like ~1600 calories 200g protein/200g carbs on training days and 1200 calories 200g protein/100g carbs on off days.  Since i'm not training on weekends, I may toss in a fast starting Saturday nights and going to Sunday night.

        Today was the first real track day for the NB Minimeeses, and i gotta say i freakin love these shoes.  You need a pair of these immediately, hell buy two, they're...kinda not terribly expensive?  Break em in like any other shoe and don't be stupid like i was and try to do weighted walking the first day out with them, but yeah, definitely grab onto these.  I'll be buying another pair as soon as i start drawing paychecks again, fo sho.

        Alright, time to do as the bears do and take a slight recovery nap, although probably only for about 30 minutes as opposed to a whole season.

  • Deadlift: 325x1/305x3/255x5/205x5/135x12 (no rest)
  • Push Press: 145x3x6/135x6
  • A1. DB Floor Press: 3x8 55
  • A2. Bent Lateral: 3x8 40
  • B1. Overhead Extension: 3x8 110
  • B2. Hammer Curl: 3x8 20
  • Hanging High Leg Raise: 4x4
  • DB Farmer Walk: 2x50yd 60
        I want to blame the backslide on the Farmer's Walks on the deadlifts and leg raises, but let's be honest and blame it on the fact that i've been so bad about my grip training.  It's something to work on, i'll probably drop the weights on these so i can get the full reps, i really want to do 4 or 5 sets of those.  Can't really argue the metabolic effect from them either, good stuff.  Good stuff.

        I'm going to start over with the TrainingTunes and actually start logging the tunes.  A few people have asked me for a running playlist so they can refer back to certain tunes, so I'm going to post those on the google docs:  TrainingTunes

Today's TrainingTune: Afterthought - Born Into Oblivion