Monday, November 7, 2011

show me your eyes

        Gah, gotta get back into some kind of posting rhythm, but first get back into the gym.  I'll come back slow, but i'll come back, for sure:

  • Front Squat: 4x8 165
  • Push Press: 5x5 135
  • DB Floor Press: 3x10 50
  • Bent Lat: 2x10 50

        Going to try a new experiment, i'm going to see if i can hit close to 2600 a day (that's about x12 with a slight deficit), 400 of that being the magic 100g of carbs around the workout window and see what happens.  I'm moving off of 5/3/1 for now too and getting onto something that lets me keep rest periods short, though admittedly, i could try and do 5/3/1 and keep my rest assistance short.  That's something to think about when i fire it back up.  Need to get clear on the particulars of juggernaut so i can see if that works.  No tunes or randomness tonight, need to clear out a bit.