Saturday, December 3, 2011

Beginning Aerial Silk

This is my gym:

I normally don't post things I'm so amateur at, but I always like to at least get some video footage when I'm at the beginning of a new journey. A week ago I signed up for Aerial Silk dancing classes, and I've found a long term relationship in them. Pole dancing really spoke to me when I first got into it, but not like this does. I felt like I found something that I had been desperately unconsciously seeking.

At the end of class, Tonya tied the two ropes together (creating a sling) and let the girls go at it. I started with the normal inverts, but then the music kind of got to me, and I started actually dancing. She thought it was really stylistically interesting, so she set up a separate rig and let me practice after class. She's an amazing teacher, and I'm really grateful for all the extra time and attention she's spent in helping me.