Monday, December 5, 2011

secret of war

        Even though you never suspect it, you know it's true, it's always going to be one of the little assistance exercises that you get sloppy and lazy on and fuck yourself up.  Case in point, bent laterals!  And of course it was the very last rep of the very last set that did it.  Thankfully I did some stretching in between and some rolling afterwards, now I'm at home happily doping myself up so I can function tomorrow at my interview.

        It's funny how much you can one-rep when you don't really think about it.  I imagine i'll be able to start out at a fairly good clip on deadlifts when I hit up juggernaut, sadly, I feel like my other lifts might suffer a bit, but I've never had an issue bringing squats up at least, so I'm not going to worry about it.  Just going to keep doing what I'm doing for now and continue to enjoy this rather unique training situation I find myself in.  Anyone wanna setup a GDC Fight Club next year, maybe after the Tech Art meetup?

        It's funny, I'm at that point in the cutting where I get cold alot and it being winter i'm never sure if it's just me or the weather.  Pretty sure it's me at this point, which is a good sign.'s the real question:  Am I so set on training that I'm going to try and squeeze in a workout in the three hours before my interview tomorrow?  I probably will, let's see what time I end up leaving the airport and get to Redwood City.
  • Deadlift: 355x1/305x3/255x5/205x8/135x12 Stripset, no rest
  • Push Press: 4x6 145
  • A1. DB Floor Press: 4x8 60
  • A2. Bent Lateral: 4x8 50
  • B1. Hammer Curl: 2x8 25
  • B2. Overhead Extension: 2x8 110
        Had to take a serious break before trying to get in those last two stations.  Strict hammer curls are actually really hard to do when your lower back is spasming a tiny bit, but I figure i can put that down as unstable training?  Haha, man that's gonna be my claim to fame, Injured Assistance Training!  Ok that's a horrible idea.

Today's TrainingTune: Fearbomb - Mangadrive