Sunday, April 22, 2012

Events Day PR-a-thon!

Strongman Event day! The past few days, my left hand has been aching a lot and my grip strength has been affected by it, so I wasn't sure how today would go. Jessica wanted to train with me, so I was coaching her between my sets- she kicked some ass, too!

A1.Circus DB Clean & Press

2 x 8 x 10#
8 x 30#
5 x 40#
2 x 60#
2 x 1 x 70#
1 x 80#
1 x 90#
1 x 100# PR!

First time trying the elbow sleeves for these- they didn't seem to do much until I got up to 90#. I definitely felt them help at 100#, which was a PR! Being able to 2-hand the clean on the thicker grip helps a ton, as well.

B1. Swiss Bar Log Clean & Press

5 x 55#
4 x 65#
2 x 85#
1 x 95#
2 x 1 x 105#
2 x 115#
1 x 135# I think this is a PR, too!
0 x 155# No gas left, methinks. I need to get to 180#...

I think after the Circus DB and this, I will skip my ME Upper this week :) I wanted to get them both in since one of the comps I am thinking of doing has a Clean & Press medley with Circus DB, Axle, Keg and Log. I think the 135# is either a PR or matches my PR.

C1. Farmer Walk

80 feet x 205#/hand in 19.3s - PR! Gotta get faster though.
50 feet x 205#/hand. Dropped twice, couldn't finish
30 feet x 125#/hand - unloaded from the previous walk to the weight Jessica was using and walked them back to the start.
160 feet x 125#/hand - walked back up to the house to put them away

The first set was a PR! Nice. The walk back didn't go so great- my left hand pain finally caught up to me, and after the second drop I couldn't re-grip. The other sets are not on video- the last one was me walking the handles back up the hill to the house.

Overall it was a good day, and I didn't have to use my AK... Though I do have to go to QFC later, so it could still happen :)