Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Of All The Days...

...for my camera to be dead, I really could have used it tonight.

Tonight I was borderline not going to train due to still being wrecked from Saturday. Even Jess admitted later that she thought I was going to bail. But I didn't! Unfortunately, my camera battery was dead, so no video. Sorry to disappoint, ladies and gentlemen.

A1. Clean

2 x 8 x 45#
5 x 65#
3 x 85#
2 x 105#
2 x 125#
1 x 145#
1 x 155#
3 x 1 x 165#

Not a bad session. I had to reset a few times on the 165# reps, which is why I wish I had the camera going to see what I did wrong. Jess tells me I couldn't get under the ones I missed fast enough. They all felt fast and explosive to that point, at least...

B1. Speed OH Swiss Bar Press

8 x 35#
6 x 85#
4 x 125#
6 x 2 x 175#

I did the 6 doubles of 175# on 30 seconds rest. It was basically 1) wrap wrists 2) do reps 3) unwrap wrists 4) sip shake 5) repeat.

C1. BB Row

4 x 6 x 185#

D1. Front Squat Hold

3 x 30s x 275#


Overall a good session capped off my delicious pasta and buffalo/beef meatballs made by my lovely wife. She knows how I roll. Speaking of rolling, I have an 18" stone mold coming that will make me a 240# stone. That'll be something...