Saturday, April 14, 2012

Strongman Training Day 1: Events

I started a new program today after taking the week off due to just flat out being too busy and carrying a lot of stress around. I figured, what better way to start a new program than to do some events and see where I stand! 2 hours, many neighbor inquiries and one mailman calling me crazy later, I am done.

A1. Circus DB Clean & Press Medley

2 x 8 x 20#
5 x 40#
2 x 60#
2 x 1 x 70#
2 x 1 x 80#
4 x 1 x 70# 

I did 2 of these as an event, first the 2 x 1 x 70# and 2 x 1 x 80#, which was a terrible set, and then the 4 x 1 x 70#. These are really hard give that it's about a 3" grip to clean. I need to find out if I can use 2 hands to clean, otherwise I am in trouble for competition...

B1. Farmer Walk

2 x 80ft x 180#/hand 

As I was setting up, multiple neighbors came to ask me what the hell I was doing, and the mailman stopped to call me crazy. Twice. Did the second run in 16 seconds- not bad. I think I could get 200# per hand next weekend.
C1. Wheeled Sled Drag

2 x 200ft x 360# (downhill, uphil)

I wasn't going to count this until Jessica saw me dragging the farmer handles and weights back up the hill, and she said I should. It was not fun, and it was hard work, so it counts dammit.
D1. 16" Atlas Stones

9 x 175# in 1:20 

Meh. I wanted 10 in a minute. I think I'd have had it if I had cleaned the stone off- it was covered in sawdust. I've been building a bench in the garage and just forgot. On top of that, the battery died on rep 7. So for al you know, I could be lying about this rep PR :)


Unfortunately, it's become a problem that the stones scare the crap out of the dog. I need to devise a soft-landing pad for the stone that I can still roll it off of fast enough for reps. Or I need to build a platform wide enough for 5 stones... and then make 5 stones. I gotta get my 18" stone made soon.

Overall, it was a good training day. Food and wine are in the cards tonight.