Saturday, January 29, 2011

i come bearing gifts

Cold...sooo...cold...oh right, clothes are soaked through with sweat and...are those tears? There's no crying in weight training!! But first, the numbers:

  • Barbell Bent Row: 3x8 165 -> 175
  • High Pull: 3x8 95
  • Bent Lateral: 3x8 45
  • Floor Press: 2x10 60 -> 70
  • Neutral Grip DB Press: 2x10 50 -> 60
  • Incline Press: BAM!!
  • SGB: 5x5 30

Yeah i had this nice press progression all worked out, then the wall hit me like a C-5 loaded with Mac Trucks. Probably the whole jumping straight to incline presses with no break and no warmup was the kicker. Gotta admit the core and lower back are still a little cooked out from Thursday's funfest, but that's cool.

Sunday is a refeed and boy am i looking forward to some increased calories. Of course, i have to get through to incredibly brutal workouts tomorrow first, including a revised version of the Get Wide split in the AM, err, early PM i guess. WARNING: I am combining programs!! zOMG END OF TEH WURLD!! No it's not that bad, i'm just thinking of tacking a Neural Charge style warmup on to the front of it and some eccentricless work and a small (i.e. one exercise) power set onto the back of it. Really not a massive change, just a different, hopefully better warmup and a better setup for recovery.

And then food...massive amounts of food. Except i hate food. Fuck.