Thursday, January 27, 2011

"...they'd have a heart attack."

Hard conditioning work at Charles' house.

Circuit stations:

Small 6-8" tall box.
Larger 6-8" tall box.
Large 6-8" tall box.
6 short cones
Long agility ladder
Half city block

All exercises for speed.

Circuit 1 (2:00 rounds, 0:30 rests) +25lb weighted vest:

1. Alternate front foot onto box with weight shifted forward and arms moving
2. Straddle box (between legs) get both feet on, both feet off.
3. Get into squat with 1 leg on box and 1 off, shift feet touching opposite hand.
4. Run cone to cone touching each cone with hand staying low.
5. High knees direction 1, 2 in-2 out direction 2.
6. Sprint to corner, skip back with exaggerated jump/arm motion.

1:00 rest.

Circuit 2 (3:00 rounds, 0:30 rests) +25lb weighted vest:

Same as circuit 1.

1:00 rest

Circuit 3 (3:00 rounds, 0:30 rests) no vest:

Speed increases because now it, "...should be easy because you're warmed up and you don't have the weight on."

1-3. Same
4. Jump with left foot hitting left cones and right foot hitting right cones.
5. Hop on 1 leg (alternate) jumping jacks back.
6. Same