Monday, January 24, 2011

Tonight we bombard the earth

Finally taking some time to do some stuff with the new machine past the initial turning it on to make sure it works. And of course, what's the first thing i do? Well i mean, after starting the Rift patcher of course? Make a training blog post, hell yeah. But it is with heavy-ish heart that i type today's post. Develifters, join me in a moment of silence for Jack Lalanne...
Alright then, let's take that torch and sprint with the damn thing. Here come the numbers:

  • RDL 3x8 225 -> 245
  • Military 3x8 115
  • Seated Row 3x8 150
  • Face Pull 2x10 120
  • OHX 2x10 120
  • EZ Curl 2x10 85 -> 90
Didn't feel like a forced day at all, which could be good or bad. Sorta wondering if i'm on that cusp where my body is flooded with all sorts of positive chemicals intended to help me recover and here i've gone and blown them on a workout. Nahhhh, no such luck. Besides, i've been out of the gym for a whole week, seriously, i don't need more than a week off at this point. What i DO need is to find another band that won't fall apart on me. Seriously, i've spent 50 bucks on that shit so far and they keep dying. Quality american craftsmanship, i tell you. I guess i shouldn't be using products for what i perceive them to be used for, hehe. But man, i do love me some band work.

I'm going to try something new, at least for me. Liquid Carb Cycling! See, on training days I'm going to drink all the beer i want, and then...ok no i'm not going to do that, but i DO believe that the combination of Waxy Maize and Isopure will provide a safe, controlled way to do my first carb cycle for fat loss. Don't get me wrong, i've gotten a ton less carb/calorie-phobic when it comes to fat loss, but I do like to perform experiments in controlled (there's that word again) environments. On non-training days, i'll cut out the maize and go straight for the Isopure. Experimenting with chemical macro-nutrient replacement is FUN!! Also, buy Powerade stock, because at the rate i'm going through that shit, someone's makin out like a freakin bandit. As i remarked to a co-worker a few weeks ago, I am the most hydrated person you know, trust me on that.

Man Waxy Maize, talk about truth in advertising. Seriously, mix some of that shit up and let it sit for like...i dunno 5 hours, you get this thing that looks like a reject from Ghostbusters 2. It even tastes waxy, so awesome. I think i'm in some kind of love.