Sunday, January 23, 2011

Joining back up

Alright so i'm writing all kinds of shit today, feeling like writing a training log too. Too bad i didn't train today, but I do have all sorts of thoughts on it, and i figure if i talk about it, maybe my brain will fixate on it and i'll be fully over my sickness come Monday. This is fully possible. I must say being sick was great for fat loss, but i really can't recommend it to anyone. I mean i suppose if you have a significant amount of muscle mass and you don't mind losing a little bit, the whole not sleeping and eating absolutely minimal amounts of food will definitely produce some results, but fuck man, you might as well go on the Twinkie diet afterwards. Altho who knows, i've been doing some crazy low eating plans the last couple months and have gotten some interesting results. Went through the whole metabolic adaptation thing (i'm guessing), became a fat loss cliche for a bit (huge plateau), then ate food and lost weight, then got sick and lost even more weight, so it's been a crazy sorta proving time for me. Things i've tried that i would recommend:

Martin Berkhan's Lean Gains
Lyle McDonalds Rapid Fat Loss
Shelby Starne's VLCD Guide

I think what's working for me tho is somewhere in between. I really like the idea of the 16/8 feeding cycle, it's kinda nice to not eat breakfast anymore, go ahead, say it zOMG U R SO CATABOLIC NAO!! yeah yeah, whatev. Even ingesting a scant 225 grams of protein's worth of calories (it's around 900) didn't absolutely kill me. I think going forward i'm going to try some sort of lean gains meats Rapid Fat Loss meats carb cycling based on liquids. Thankfully i don't have problems with food choices anyway, so i feel like i can probably do that and not worry about ballooning up afterwards because i start gorging on shit. Truth is i hate food. Really. I know, i sound like an anorexic little girl. Maybe in a past life...

Anyway, actual numbers coming monday, warning you it won't be impressive AT ALL. Like...AT ALL. So feel free to point and laugh, but hey, i'm getting leaner and the numbers aren't going down, which is good.

And stuff.