Sunday, January 30, 2011

need a rest, just for a minute

Mmm...lookin forward to some serious sleeping tonight. Here's today's second training session:

  • EZ Bar Curl: 3x8 85
  • Perfect Cable Curl: 4x8 100
  • Rope Extension: 3x10 160
  • Overhead Extension: 3x10 120
  • Bent Hammer: 3x10 35
  • Strict DB Curl: 3x10 22.5
  • Strict EZ Reverse Curl: 3x10 25

Yeah, i got no bicep strength, but again, doing the strict DB curls for form felt really good. It feels nice to really get that full extension at the bottom of the curl. Same with the easy reverse curls, i've never really been able to feel my triceps as much as the kids say i should, but going light for strict form really helped. Go mobility! Me thinks when i start doing targeted mass gains i should re-evaluate tricep workouts. Definitely been feeling triceps on things i wouldn't have expected. My body is my laboratory. Anyway...

...can't talk, eating.