Sunday, February 6, 2011

an army of mummies

And now a bunch of stuff from Sunday, the net effect of ramming two workouts together since my weekend took an unexpected turn.

  • Squat: x8/x8/x10 245/225/225
  • Deadlift: x8/x8/x9 245/225/225
  • Good Morning: 3x8 165
  • Uni Shoulder Press: 2x10 45
  • DB Row: 2x10 90
  • Snatch Hi Pull: x3/x3/x3/x3/x5 125
  • Bar Bent Row: 4x10 175
  • DB Shoulder Press: x10/x10/x8 50
  • A1 Lat Raise: x10/x5/x20 25/30/15
  • A2 Front Raise: x10/x5/x20 25/30/15
  • B1 Lat Pulldown: x10/x10/x8 150/140/120
  • B2 Neutral Grip Pulldown: x10/x10/x8 120/120/120
  • B3 Kneeling Neutral Grip w/Hold: x10/x10/x8 120/120/120
Anyway, totally unrelated rant aside, yeah my weekend sucked but who cares? This was one of the best workouts i've had in a long time. Having to lay out for a bit between sets is a good feeling. I think this might be the first time i've actually worked out for more than an hour at a time. It was was good. Actually, before you read any more of this, go here now:

One of my new fav blogs, really diggin what's here, you may find something you enjoy. Or you may just feel like you know it all and have your own opinion, which you're certainly welcome to. Just post it in your own damn facebook instead of being a little bitch and muddying up mine. of these days i'll know better than to work out when i'm feeling the onset of illness, but man, that flood of positive chemicals just makes you feel like you can take on the world.

Shower food and stuff.