Sunday, February 13, 2011

Strongman Sundays are back!

I have horrible, and I mean horrible, conditioning right now, and I need to fix it. So I decided to work some strongman GPP back into my life. It helps that the weather is getting nicer and it's not pitch black out at 4pm anymore.

A1. Mobility

Leg Swings
Squat Pulls
Glute Ham Bridges

B1. 300# Tire Flip

4 x 12 flips on 1 minute rest

This kicked my ass. Yeah, nowhere near the shape I was in last summer.

C1. Farmer's Walk

4 x 30 yards w/130# per hand. Alternating Uphill/Downhill/Uphill/Downhill

These were surprisingly not as hard as I thought they'd be. But I had some serious lower back pump after the tire flips and these, so I rested a bit while Jess did some forward sled drags before I did them.

D1. Forward Sled Drag

1 x 15 yards x Prowler + 140# Uuuhhhh, yeah. Too much weight, esp. going uphill...
3 x 40 yards x Prowler + 110# Much better. Dragged it uphill while mimicking hand motions for a truck pull, and pushed it downhill in a sprint.

Overall a good session. I am beat, but man it was fun. And that's what this is all about, right?