Tuesday, February 22, 2011

seas of cheese and the like

Mmm, should see if Primus is on napster...Sailing the Seas of Cheese is an interesting album, mainly due to the fact that it was one of those albums that defined a significant portion of my high school years, in other words it fills me with a terrible fondness interspersed with all kinds of rage and anger. But lest this devolve into yet another rant about how horrible my high school years were, Noisuf-X. Also...search by label Napster? Oh my, we will certainly be friends for...a little bit at least until you start removing all the music i need to listen to. Anyway, afternoon numbers:

  • Face Pull: 4x10 130
  • Seated Row: 4x10 140
  • Bent Lateral: 4x10 40
  • Standing Uni Shoulder Press: 4x10 45
  • Cable Curl: 4x10 110
  • Standing Uni EZ Bar Preacher Curl: 4x10 Bar
  • Standing EZ Bar French: 4x10 75
  • Straight Arm Pushdown: 4x10 140
I imagine HR is very soon going to ask me to stop destroying whole roasted chickens in full view of my co-workers...ah well.