Wednesday, February 2, 2011

fuzzy logic

I'm going to whine a little bit, so skip to the numbers if you want, because seriously, i'm just going to bitch. Ready? Dear lord, even at 200g of carbs, 210 if you care for minutia, i can barely think. Seriously, i'm so flattened right now i'm not sure how i kept my car on the road. From what i've heard, this is what it's like going into bodybuilding competitions for some people, now if only i looked like a bodybuilder. I feel like a fucking beached whale instead, times like this make me wish i'd bought a couch. Alright, after i'm all payed out for GDC i'm doing that, so i can come home and die on nights like this. Seriously, i'm even considering a reckless speeding drive down to IKEA before it closes just to pick up something to tide me over. Realizing that won't work, i'm thinking maybe i can rig something up with my extra pillows. Alright i'm not done whining, but i will be for now. The numbers:

  • Romanian: 8/8/10 225/245/225
  • Bent Over Row: 3x8 175
  • Clean High Pull: 3x8 105 -> 115
  • Incline Press: 2x10 155
  • Bent Hammer: 3x10 40
  • Floor Press:2x10 65

My incline press is just getting destroyed. I wish i could blame it on 24 Hour's shitty benches, but it's probably my short hobbit legs that don't let me get a good purchase on the floor. I'm liking the bent curls too, they're almost eccentric less in a way, tho not quite as much as band work. Yeah pretty much alot of things just worked in this split, i think i'll keep some of what i've learned today going forward. Alright screw this, i'm seeing monsters, i'm losing my mind and i feel it going...