Sunday, February 20, 2011

Last squat before the meet...

Today was the last squat session before the comp in 2 weeks. Only a bench and deadlift session left, then a week at GDC, and then the meet. It's a comin' fast.

A1. Mobility

Leg Swings
Squat Pulls
Band Scapular Pulldowns
Glute Ham Bridges

B1. Squat

8 x 45#
5 x 135#
3 x 185#
3 x 225#
1 x 275#
1 x 315#
1 x 2 x 335#

The 335# was going to be my opener, but it felt like garbage on both attempts, so I am going to lower my opener to 325#. My squat attempts for the meet will be 325#, 350#, 375#.

C1. Prehab

X-Band walks
shoulder int/ext rotations
Lateral Step-unders

D1. Uphill Sled Drag/Downhill sprint

4 x 30yds x Prowler + 140# forward drag uphill, sprint push downhill

Goal for the meet is to get a qualifying total for Raw Nationals in August. I think I'm ready...

Before nationals, we may try this Strongman Comp in Ohio in May:

Depends on if I can get the time off from work, and the budget works out...