Sunday, February 20, 2011

the time has come

As much as i keep telling myself I'm not the sort that trains till they puke anymore, that's probably a lie...

  • Snatch Grip High Pull: 5x3 145
  • Bent Over Row: 4x10 175
  • 2 Point DB Row: 5x5 90
  • DB Shoulder Press: 10/10/10/8 45
  • A1. Wide Grip Pulldown: 3x10 150
  • A2. Neutral Grip Pulldown: 3x10 120
  • A3. Kneeling Neutral Grip: 3x10 200

And that is as far as i made it today, damn. You know, you hear different things, "when you start back after a break, start slow," all the way to "I pulled a PR first workout after 3 weeks off!", i guess you just have to find an inbetween. The 2 point dumbbell rows may be my new favorite exercise, what a great pre-exhaustion set. Let's see how big i can get in the week before GDC...