Saturday, May 14, 2011

It's a Two-Fer!

I didn't bother posting a training log for Thursday because it was a short session, so I'll lump it in with today's.

Thursday- ME Lower

I got back from work late so I had to modify this session again. The new Texas Power Bar came in that day, so i decided to break it in...

A1. Hip/Shoulder Mobility/Prehab

B1. Timed 10 Minute Deadlifts

13 x 335# (3,2,2,2,2,2)

This was all about how many reps I could get done in 10 minutes, at 80% of my 1RM. My posterior chain was fried after this, but it was pretty fun.

Today- ME Bench

This week was pretty rough overall- stressors all around fried my CNS and I woke up today feeling less than stellar. I still pushed to get this session in.

A1. Hip/Shoulder Prehab/Mobility

B1. ME Bench Press

8 x 95#
2 x 5 x 135#
3 x 185#
1 x 225#
1 x 250#
1 x 275# (Seattle PR!)

We added another 3/4" to the boards we use on the floor (we are little people with short legs) to get better leg drive through the bench and it helped a LOT. Unfortunately, I strained my left pectoral during the last single and had to scrap the rest of the pressing movements for this session (board presses, push presses), so I modified the workout on the fly.

C1. BB Rows

12 x 205# (4,4,4,4)

This was a bit too easy, methinks... It's going up for next time.

D1. 3" Pinch Grips

20# (4 5# plates) x 30s
2 x 25# (5 5# plates) x 15s

Before this, I tried a few things but my pec wouldn't cooperate, so I threw in some grip work.

Overall. the session wasn't what I wanted, but the 275# bench was a Seattle PR, so I can't complain TOO much. I really need to write that "adaptation" blog post for strongmAnimator...