Friday, January 20, 2012

change in pace

Last month I got a new job, and moved down to the bay. In a nice coincidence, it was around the same time Seth got his job at Crystal Dynamics, so we started doing kajukenbo together.

It's been a kick getting back into martial arts, I haven't been part of a good club in about 10 years. It's been so fun adjusting.. some of the moves come so naturally I don't think about it, others are taking a considerable amount of muscle re-wiring, and way more yet is just plain ol' new material. "uppercut? Hook? Knee? Why would you... ooooooooooooooooooooh" There really isn't anything like being a white belt, I love starting from scratch in a new style. I'll admit it, the first two hours of Civ 4 are always my favorites.

Classes go 6 days a week (and like an opportunist, I can't miss) so that's put a pretty effective end to my dancing. I'm still going to keep on with pole, but only because it doesn't cost anything and I can do it from home. I was trying to fit fabric dancing classes in on Sunday, but it's a bitch of a communte, and the same cost as a week of kaju.

No videos this time, but I do have pictures :)