Sunday, January 29, 2012

My Legs They Are Sausages

So I wore gear for the first time ever tonight. I figure if I'm going to compete in strongman, I may as well get every advantage I can.

My legs looked like two hairy sausages, except for the areas that the suit ripped the hair off of. That kinda hurt.

Also apparently the camera adds 10 pounds to my stomach as well as my bald spot...

A1. Deadlift

8 x 135#
5 x 225#
3 x 275#
1 x 315# suit on, straps down
1 x 365 straps down
2 x 0 x 405# straps up- suit was biting hard on my right side, and with the straps upit was way harder to get down to the bar
2 x 0 x 405# straps down. This is hard.
1 x 405# straps down woooooooo
1 x 405# straps up bigger woooooooo

B1. Snatch

4 x 45#
2 x 65#
2 x 85#
1 x 105#
1 x 120#
1 x 135#
.5 x 135# I got under it but couldn't stand it up
.5 x 135# I got under it but lost my balance
1 x 135# 
.5 x 135# I got under it but couldn't stand it up 

Overall a great day in the gym. Jessica PR'd her geared squat at 325# and made it look easy!

I'm gonna look into maybe squat briefs for squatting, and see if they help at all with deadlifting. For now I'll keep learning the suit.

Video after the jump, be warned that I am a shirtless fatty in the deadlift suit. Watch at your own risk :)