Sunday, January 8, 2012

truth in action

        It's funny how it starts as just a little mental twitch, somewhere around the base of your skull, then races outwards and slowly builds up before it roars to the surface.  That's when you know you've been out of the gym too long (and really it's only been, what 2 weeks?  Wow, usually I don't get to that point for another week).  Somewhat light workout this morning, but i'm still recovering from the week and I need to save some up for tonight.  A little shoulder and back madness tonight, this was a good upper body start to the week.

        Very interested to see how adopting some bodybuilding type stuff is going to supplement Kaju, i feel like some of the tech from bodybuilding could help.  The squeezing on some of the arm stuff might help with the isos during grappling and holds, at least that's the theory?  Dunno, we'll see.  Martin Rooney said it best, if you want what others don't have, you have to do what others don't do, so it'll be interesting to take a different direction to supplemental lifting for fights.  With all due respect to Chuck The Truck, I know animals don't life weights, and they're strong, but I'm only so much animal.  Fuck my big brain, you'll never convince me it was a good adaptation, esp considering the state of humanity today.

These guys have the right idea

        The benches at the 24 make me a little nervous, but I feel like doing more takeoffs from a half position might help.  Getting the work sets up was easy enough, I think we can work with this:
  • Bench Press: 185 5x5
  • EZ Curl: 60 4x8
  • EZ French: 50 4x8
  • A1. Dumbbell Curl: 25 4x6
  • A2. OHX: 110 4x6
  • B1. EZ Reverse Curl: 30 4x8
  • B2. Pushdown: 70 4x8
  • C1. Hammer Curl: 20 4x12
  • C2. Unilateral Reverse Pushdown: 30 4x12
        Today, the mind truly controlled the body.  Mind Controls The Body.  As such, we must first deal in mind control.

Today's TrainingTune: Echo Chamber - Negative Format