Thursday, January 19, 2012

civil war

        I'll post a bit more when i'm less smoked, right now i have to go cook dinner for a very hungry lady...Tonight's CrossPit workout:

  • A1. Jumprope 2x3min
  • A2. Jog 2x1min
  • B1. Airdyne x1min
  • B2. Kettlebell Swing x1min
  • B3. Jump Squat x1min
  • B4. Situp x1min
  • B5. Heavy Bag Punch x1min
  • B6. Sit-to-Stand x1min
  • B7. Heavy Bag Kick x1min
  • B8. Bench Dip x1min
  • B9. Jumprope Double Jump x1min
  • B10. Rest x1min
Repeat for 2 rounds, 20 minutes total

  • Tabata Cage Situp