Tuesday, January 31, 2012

No Rush....

....so I have been kinda sluggish and seem to be getting a bit tired right dab in the middle of the afternoon, which is extremely unusual for me, and today was a pretty 'no rush' kinda day.  Take my time with the cycle I'm working on, take my time rolling to and from lunch with the crew, take my time driving back to the pad, take my time reading up on a few things, take my time changing, take my time driving to the gym...hell I was going like 3 miles under the speed limit.

It's been this way for a little over a week now, and I've been wracking the ole melon trying to figure it out.  Lack of sleep?  I've been staying up a bit later than normal, getting up at the usual time.  Might be it.  The almighty 'seasonal depression' famous to those of us who live in the PNW? (that's Pacific NorthWest if you're not local-ish and don't know).  Well I've been guilty of a little slow down in the past, could be that too.  Fighting a cold or other body invasion?  Feel fantastic outside of being a bit run down and tired, so that's not it for sure.

Well then I read Seth's latest post, and I think I've got it figured.  Caloric deficit.  I've been cutting the intake, dropped a good portion of my carbs, hell I cut flour down to a bare minimum, and have upped my protein.  Well processing proteins and converting them to muscle tissue forces the body to work a bit harder than using carbs and fats as an energy source.  Yup, pretty sure that's it...I'm not about to jump into carb loading phase, but I may change some of my food choices now and again to keep the fuel tank a bit fuller, but I will say I am noticing a physical change...and like Seth says, 'change is good'.

So today I even took the workout a bit slower, longer breaks between sets and exercises.

240 reps - 36 mins

Leg domination day - 4 exercises 2 sets each.

Lying leg press - back rest reclined completely to make sure my range of motion is extreme
270 x 30
450 x 30
Seated Leg Extentions
70 x 30
85 x 30
Straight legged dumbbell deadlifts
40 x 30
40 x 30
Seated Leg Curls
70 x 30
90 x 30

A bit lighter than I'm used to but still left the gym feeling like I need to yak...so overall a solid workout.