Monday, February 6, 2012

Hello World!

I tried powerlifting for the first time about 5 months ago, and it clicked. This was what I wanted to do. This was what made my heart pound with excitement. The sound of heavy weights crashing back into the rack or to the ground made me smile. Searching for my body’s limits was an addictive pursuit and I couldn’t get enough.

that aside... here is a bit about me:
im an environment artist currently at Danger Close Games (EA LA) working on a medal of honor game, and my previous titles were the last two call of dutys. I have a love for cooking, hitting things, lifting heavy things, and ridiculously cute things. I absolutely adore scifi novels, movies, and tv shows. and i love extreme sports. oh and i play violin! (no, not like those crappy covers you find on youtube. legit professional classical violin).

now on to the training bit!
luckily i work at a studio with an AMAZING gym, all the weights you could dream of, and tons of good supplementary isolation machines. the only stuff its missing is a weight sled and a peg board. oh and chains. because honestly. who doesnt love lifting giant chains.

todays workout:
  • deadlift 180 5x5
  • bodyweight squats 20
  • squats 95x15, 135x8x5 (just focusing on form here for the most part)
  • legpress 180 - 5x8
  • leg curls 3x20
  • hyperextension (do these superslow with weight and hold for 10 seconds) 5x10
  • reverse hypers (these suck) 5x10
  • abs 5x10 @55degree incline
  • aaaaand then bodyweight lunges. 25x4 each leg. death.

after a leg day like this, i like to make myself some sweet potato fries (baked) as an aftergym snack with my shake, some sort of hefty meal like a nice juicy steak or slowcooker stuffed with meat, and end the day with some protein cookie dough or brownie batter (basically just protein powder with a tablespoon of water and a teaspoon of almond butter) its delishhh. did i mention i LOVE food?!? because i do. i really really do. like a freakishly large amount of love for food. oh and here are my two favorite leg day songs! im a sucker for doing what lyrics tell me to do. so this works out really well: "put your ass into it" and "stand a little taller". works for me!