Friday, February 10, 2012


I've said it before and I'll say it again.  I love this blog.  I love the fact that there are others in my industry who have the push, drive and desire to fine tune their bodies and their minds, people with the same love of work and the same love of pushing themselves to the limits.

The members of this blog are a new found inspiration for me.  I spent part of my afternoon reading through the last couple of posts and was so jacked up to get my workout on, my two hour commute home nearly killed me! I was so pumped up by what I read all I did was reflect on this new set of people I have had the great luck to have stumbled into and what kind of mental strength I can pull from each and every one of them.

anim8d -'re just a straight up monster. I've always had a respect for guys (and gals) who are willing to pick up a giant sphere of concrete and drive it over a pole...over and over and over.  People who push their muscles as far as they'll go for that one single over the top number just to do it again to beat their last mark. You sir are an inspiration.

Linnea - Dropping in with a BOMB ass leg routine for an introduction of yourself to me (I hate to say it, but I have not gone back and read anything before I was invited to contribute). A self-proclaimed love of powerlifting after discovering it 5 months ago...and pushing your limits!  You ma'am are also an inspiration.

Erica - I know you don't post here, but I've read through the most excellent blog Stuff I Make My Husband.  There's many a recipe on there I must try! On top of that, your own personal accomplishments are out freeking standing!  You look marvelous, and for all the things you do and the love you share with your man and the world, make you an inspiration!

Robert Cooksey - HOLY ISH! No posts since Turkey Day and you come in and drop a weeks worth of STRAIGHT UP WERK! Like a boss yo! Your conditioning is extreme, mad props and much respect.  You sir are an inspiration.

Annie - I love the fact that you post your battle scars, EPIC! It's great to read that you push mentally and physically.  I would love to see your process as well, as I respect your thoughts and feelings while you push yourself as much as I respect the punishment you continue to post.  You also are an inspiration.

Seth to the Mutha Effin Gibson - I absolutely cannot wait to meet you in person.  I was hoping GDC was going to be it, but alas only one of the art team gets to go and that's AK, so not quite yet.  You sir are the Rock of Gibraltar of Hard Coded.  Constant posts of what kinda bad azz workouts your crushing through, what kinda mental mastery you are throwing down and what kind of drive you have.  On top of that, people the world over have nothing but wonderful things to say about you.  Duud you are Ozsomeness on a whole new level!  I push harder after reading your posts, I drive myself farther knowing that if I don't when we get a chance to workout together, I won't be able to keep up.  You sir are beast, bear and inspiration.

Tonights workout was all about draining the tank.  Normally I take Fridays off as it's the day I drive home from the studio to my family, but my gym membership in Eugene expired this week and I don't want to renew as I don't know if I'll be at the current digs much longer, much turmoil abounds with our projects.  So I must know break a 4 day workout week down to 3 days.  Tonight is day 1 of 3.

Chest wrecking 101

Super sets - 30 second break
Chest Fly 50 x 30
Incline Chest Fly 50 x 30
Chest Fly 50 x 30
Incline Chest Fly 50 x 30

Decline Fly 40 x 30
Decline Fly 40 x 30

Tabata Heavy Bag work
20seconds all out 10 second break - switch stance between sets
Jab Cross
Jab Jab Cross

I got in 3 1/2 minutes until I just couldn't breath any longer.  I have a small tank.

I most definitely want to say thank you to everyone here who post the workouts and the thoughts and motivation behind them!  Inspiration is invaluable!!!

TIM!!! I'll be in Seattle/Bellevue the last Thurs/Fri of this month and look forward to putting it down with you!