Saturday, February 18, 2012

listen to the wind

        Hill repeats tomorrow!  It's been said many times, and I tend to agree that the best, simplest way to get add some conditioning to your routines is find a hill, run up it, repeat, puke, etc.  I imagine by about noon, I'll be sittin pretty, something like this:

The only logical follow-up to hill repeats...

        If I were to characterize my life's focus/direction as of around the end of last year, it would be "Practical over pretty."  I realized this today in Kaju when we were working on kick sets.  I think i started thinking about it when we were doing spinning crescent kicks, and I, i sorta miss it.  But it really hit home a bit later when we the discussion of head kicks came up, and Sifu Jim remarked "Sure I kick people in the head, after i hit em in the groin or knee em in the stomach to bring their head down a bit".  Sibak James added "Or after i take them to the floor, so i can stop their head."  And I realized what it was about Kaju and Krav that made me seek them out over the last few years:

I wanted to learn a practical style.  I wanted to be able to REALLY defend myself if need be.

        I know I've mentioned this a few times before, but I've really started thinking alot about what really matters to me, and I've always been a friends, family, and loved ones first kind of person.  Personally, i think it's my DUTY to be able to protect those people in any situation, and I want to develop those tools.  Kajukenbo really is the style i've always wanted to study, I just didn't know it until i started training.  Granted, the complete awesome that is Tribull MMA makes it all the better, but still...and of course, all respect to Capoeira and especially Mestre Curisco, Instructor Ninja, and Instructor Cabeca de Milho of Capoeira Males. It's no exaggeration when I say those guys saved my life.

        You know, it's funny, to that, I was talking to Annie a while back about how i feel like society, the media, whatever, has marginalized the idea that men are physical creatures, we are the fighters, the hunters, the protectors, and even today, we can't let the trappings of modern "civilization" take that idea from us.  To me, part of being a good father and husband is being able to fight for your wife, kids, family, etc.  My buddy Nate Walpole I think characterizes this best with his two tattoos of his children's initials on his forearms.  He told me, when he puts his guard up, you see their initials, because he fights for his kids.  That's a man, ladies and gentlemen.  And if you know Nate, you know he ain't fuckin around.  I'm not saying that's the only thing that makes a good husband and father, god knows I'm neither, so I have no place to talk, but it's something to think about.  But at the same time, if you happened to peep the Fight Quest Kajukenbo episode, Great Grandmaster Gaylord (RIP) said it best, "That can happen at any time to your life."  And you know, it's not about being pessimistic and guarded all the time, ultimately, I think life is a good thing and the world is a generally amicable place, but still, there's a reason i put on a condom every time i have sex... numbers or training tune, but I'm going to leave you with this.  Seriously guys...fight for your women, they're worth it.  Fight for your kids, i shouldn't even have to tell you that...This is not vulgar, uncivilized, boorish, or uncouth, it's your privilege, your right, and your duty.