Thursday, February 9, 2012

awake, aware, alone


        Next time you need to push through a brutal workout, get fucking angry.  Find something, dig something up, hell make something up, but get fucking angry.  Tonight was probably the best CrossPit session i've had since i started and i am determined to not slide back.  Thankfully, i have more than enough things to keep me angry for a while, my upcoming fight being the least of them.  As i stated earlier, i'm not bitter, i'm "recovering".  Time to begin some heavy rebirth.

Bring me pleasant dreams tonight, grandfather

        Speaking of fights, i gotta say, being in fight training mode for the first time in a while is insane.  My focus in class has totally been jacked up to crazy levels and i retain everything now.  Heck, i'm even remembering lessons from back in the beginning of january.  Part of me wants to chalk it up to just getting comfortable with the training again, but honestly, I feel a total sense of urgency that I wasn't feeling before.

        Ultimately, it's up to Sifu if I fight, but I'm determined to give him a reason other than "you haven't been in training long enough".  I'll be happy if I don't fight because there are specific gaps in my game, but I'll be disappointed in myself if I don't fight because I'm just not experienced enough overall.  Part of my purpose in training at an MMA school was because i wanted some ring time.  But you know what?  If not this time, next time, time.

        Man, not to blow my own horn but I powered through tonight's split for sure.  The best drive is that which you don't have to reach or dig for, just that which is bubbling under the surface, waiting for you to break the tension.  Tonight was a good night:

  • A1. Jump Rope: 2x3min
  • A2. Pushup: 2x1min
Pit 33s
  • B1. Jump Rope - Double Under: x33
  • B2. Bodyweight Squat: x33
  • B3. Pushup: x33
  • B4. Bag Punch: x33
  • B5. Bag Kick: x33
  • B6. Perform circuit for 20 minutes, no rest
  • C1. Ab Scissor: 2x25
  • C2. Knees-to-Chest: 2x25
  • C3. Leg Raises: 2x25
        I made it through 4 reps, would have gone 5, but didn't finish kicks, so it doesn't count.  We don't do these sorts of circuits very often in CrossPit, but since they tend to follow similar patterns, i feel like i can carryover the number of reps between similar sessions.  I gotta admit when Sifu started out by saying "ok so we're gonna do 25...", i was seriously hoping for a blackjack.  I wanted to hurt myself tonight, yeah yeah, whine whine, so emo, like anyone gives a fuck. I know, i'm allowed to be self-indulgent every now and then.

Today's TrainingTune: Naked (God Module Remix) - Assemblage 23