Friday, February 10, 2012

moar bruises

Hey guys,

Been awhile... I typically don't like posting unless I have something to physically show for it. Since I've switched from dance to martial arts, I don't really have pretty videos to put up... so here's some bruises.

Life's been beautiful and wonderful. I love being back in a gym with a master I respect, and I feel like I've been slowly shedding shackles for years. Things I didn't even know were weighing me down. Letting go of labels like, "tech artist", "game developer", "wife"... these things that were once so core to my being, I find that I'm left with "me". It's a nice feeling.

Class has been great! We did a grappling session that left me immobile for half a day, and before that a minute making waves on a hemp rope. I love the diversity of junk sifu throws at us.

On a side note, I'm starting to get kinda buff, which is awesome. Yvonna wanted to submit me for a modeling gig so I took some figure shots for her. It really surprised me... apparently my body looks a lot different head on than it does top down. Guess that happens when you're too busy to look in a mirror, it sneaks up on you.