Saturday, February 18, 2012

Drop it like it's hawt...

So the wife sends me a message over IM the other day while I'm at work asking if I know what drop sets are.

'Sure, haven't done them for a long time but Arnold absolutely loves them.'  

'I read that, and I wanna try them this weekend.' she says.

'Really? Did you also read they're something that will help you pack on size in a short period?'

'Yup.' was all she said.

That kinda surprised me as my wife is a pretty petite little thing, 5'3" and 104lbs soaking wet and here she is telling me that she want to put on some size...after 18 years, that honestly is a first.  Now one thing to understand about my wife, when we work out together, if I do an exercise she doesn't like, or something that looks like she's gotta do too much work, she won't do it.

Now being at the end of my 8th week of 'extended reps' I'm going to rotate and modify my workout anyhow this weekend, so 6 weeks of drops will work (I wouldn't do 8 weeks of them, that's just pushing it to far).  :D  Another change is in as well, my weekly rotation. I cancelled my membership at Gold's in Eugene as we've had a few cancelled projects here as of late and things at the studio don't seem to be all that stable from my standpoint so I'm keeping my eyes open for another opportunity (I may be heading your way if I can find something up there Tim...want a consistent workout partner?).  So that means I have to condense a 4 day workout into 3 problem, it's doable...but those three days are Friday night, and Sat/Sun mornings.  Well Friday nights might be tough for the next few weeks, so that means doubling up on the weekends, mornings and evenings or nights.  This week I'll be doubling up on Sunday.

So we roll into the gym this morning with my buddy Brett in tow...who last night decided to try hot yoga for the first in ever.  No previous yoga experience and he goes 'hot' with the girl he's nutter that guy.  He proceeded to tell us on the way to the gym, it was all he could do to keep from crying on the way home due to sheer exhaustion.  If you've done hot yoga, ya know what he's saying, if you haven't and you feel like a complete physical challenge, try it (but please please please at least do some standard yoga for a couple weeks first).

When I told him we were doing drops, he needed a quick explanation, and I told him, he wasn't going to be exhausted like he was after hot yoga, but he was going to experience pain in his muscles like never before on a whole new level.  

Today I present you with Arm - ageddon 2.0

Standing Alternating Dumbbell Curls
60x8  42.5x10  30x10
65x4  47.5x6  32.5x10 (heavy weight and last few reps were hammer style for this set as I just couldn't hold the 'bells right)
65x4  47.5x4  35x4

2 pulley cable curls - shoulder wide grip
100x20  70x10  40x8
130x8  90x8  50x12
140x6  100x6  60x12 (power 12 - 2 slow reps - 2 deep breaths - 10 quick full reps)

Super Supinators (reverse grip up, snap the supination quickly at the top of the movement)
22.5x12  17.5x8  12.5x8
25x8  20x6  15x6
22.5x8  17.5x8  12.5x8

V-bar pushdowns
80x12  60x12  40x12
120x6  90x6  60x9
120x6  90x7  50x10

2 pulley rope crushers (standing skull crushers with a rope)
150x16  130x11(and a half)  110x8
150x15  130x7  110x6
170x12  140x6 (help on last rep) 110x3 (and a half)

Today is also the wife's birthday so to celebrate, I had a nice steak with lobster and prawns.  :P

Go go recovery dinner!!!

Tomorrow legs and shoulders in the morning - chest and back at night...gonna hurt.