Friday, January 6, 2012

forever's a lie

        I have been somewhat amazed at my own resilience this week, not to give myself props or anything, but i've done a retarded amount of cardio, the likes of which i haven't done in a while.  From my impromptu run, to a 90 minute grappling session, to a circuit based fight cardio class, I think i've covered everything.  Frighteningly enough, I'm not even that sore, it's more just like a dull little tweak here and there to remind me I did stuff.  Did cramp up a little last night at rather importune times that resulted in me having to tap TWICE, sheesh, but hopefully that'll be a rare occasion.  No bear pictures today, but here's an awesome image of my mat burns again, for those of you who missed it:

        Fight cardio felt REALLY good, I'm really excited to see what happens once we've been training a bit and the workouts get a little harder.  As much as I'm not a fan of constant puke inducing workouts, I think one every so often you need to have one just to give you an idea of what your level is.  Last night was pretty easy, although I'll admit I didn't push myself quite as hard as I probably could've.  Ah well, I have 2 opportunities every week for fight cardio PRs, so we'll see what happens.  These change every session as you might expect...
  • A1. Jump Rope: 2x3min
  • A2. Shadow Boxing: 2x1min
  • B1. Bag Punches: 3x1min
  • B2. Bag Kicks: 3x1min
  • B3. Bag GnP: 3x1min
  • B4. Medball Negative BW Squats: 3x1min
  • B5. Kettlebell Turkish Getup: 0/20/35 3x1min
  • B6. Ab Turtles: 3x1min
  • BW I^2 Squats 8x20s/10s
        One of the things I feel like I've been blessed with in the last few years is amazing places to train, and Tribull feels like another one of those.  Looking forward to making it a long term thing, idiot producers not throwing any wrenches into my plans...

Today's TrainingTune: 30/30-150 - Stone Sour