Sunday, January 22, 2012

the only thing

        There's something to be said for having any sort of goal at all, methinks, no matter how big small, trivial or significant.  Case in point, Fitocracy quests.  Personally, I think Fitocracy quests are fucking awesome, such a great way to keep you in the gym, and in my case, get me back to trying some movements I haven't done in a while (lookin at you, wide grip pullups).  It's so often to have forgotten movements to keep you honest, i remember doing sets of 7 and 8 on wide grip pullups.  Doing the threes today was freakin brutal, but man, so good.  My shoulders feel like they've been torn open, which means it's time to start doing more of those bad boys.  Awesomesauce.

        Really really mean to get back into the gym regularly next week if it kills me.  Kajukenbo is definitely going to be taking the lead for a while, but like i keep saying, have something like a martial art that requires base levels of strength is a great reason to keep lifting.  Can't have my training partners getting stronger than me...

Ok, now wrist pattern 1, ready..?
  • Squat: 225 5x5
  • Pullup: 5x3
  • DB Goblet Squat: 70 5x5
  • Neutral Grip Pullup: 2x5
  • Dumbbell Squat: 50 5x5
  • Chinup: 3x5
  • Pendlay Row: 135 5x5
  • Wide Grip Pullup: 5x3
  • A1. Front Plank: 2x60sec
  • A2. Left Side Plank: 2x30sec
  • A3. Right Side Plank: 2x30sec
  • Front Plank: x60sec
        This is worth 4, count them 4 Fitocracy quests if you don't have any of the quests associated with the split (obviously).  This ended up being a pretty brutal split overall, I'd like to work it up to some real numbers and see what happens there.  It's like, lower body push upper body pull madness with some core thrown in.  Feel free to hijack this if you want.

Today's TrainingTune: The End Of An Era - Xperiment