Tuesday, January 24, 2012

drool or sweat?

  • A1. Jump Rope: 2x60s
  • A2. Jumping Jack: 2x60s
  • A3. Shadowbox: 2x60s
  • A4. Bodyweight Squat: 2x60s
  • B1. 24" Box Jump: 3x60sec
  • B2. Ab Turtle: 3x60sec
  • B3. Bag Punch: 3x60sec
  • B4. Bag Kick: 3x60sec
  • B5. Bench Dip: 3x60sec
  • B6. Wall Sit: 3x60sec
  • B7. Rest: 2x60sec
  • C1. Bag Kick: x25
  • C2. Bodyweight Squat: x24
  • C3. Bag Kick: x23
  • C4. Bodyweight Squat: x22
  • C5. Bag Kick: x21
  • C6. Bodyweight Squat: x20
  • C7. Bag Kick: x19
  • C8. Bodyweight Squat: x18
  • C9. Bag Kick: x17
  • C10. Bodyweight Squat: x16
  • C11. Bag Kick: x15
  • C12. Bodyweight Squat: x14
  • C13. Bag Kick: x13
  • C14. Bodyweight Squat: x12
  • C15. Bag Kick: x11
  • C16. Bodyweight Squat: x10
  • C17. Bag Kick: x9
  • C18. Bodyweight Squat: x8
  • C19. Bag Kick: x7
  • C20. Bodyweight Squat: x6
  • C21. Bag Kick: x5
  • C22. Bodyweight Squat: x4
  • C23. Bag Kick: x3
  • C24. Bodyweight Squat: x2
  • C25. Bag Kick: x1
...get ready to settle the score, get ready to face the floor, cuz it's time to remember it's...