Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I'll raise you a leg...

...or two or three.  Punished the legs over the weekend, setting in motion my third week of eight going high reps with medium weights.  I've changed things up a bit the last few months due to an aggravated shoulder injury from once upon a time ago and lifting heavy for many years...so after a trip to the doctor, then the ortho I find myself in a position where I can not do any upper body press work for a year or so.  So that means heavier work on the lower body and some really creative work on the upper body.

So that means a new look to the workouts, high reps, high speed, medium weights with little time between sets.  It's a power burn method I learned long ago from Mr. Pacific Northwest 1994 John Taylor.  I will say I've seen noticeable drops in the body fat percentage in the few weeks I've been on this.  The goal...10% by summer.  At 5'9"/215 I'm currently in the 15% - 17% range, been a while since I've had it checked, so I've got some work to do.

I do workout with my wife (who's on a different rep set) and my buddy Brett, a county deputy who enjoys my punishment at the local 24.  Now while I'm a huge fan of squats I tend to not do them too often due to a low back injury I suffered a long time ago in a land far far away, but I do return to them now and again...so this journey starts at the squat rack.

135 - deep knee (legs parallel to the floor) max reps 1 min - I finished 33 reps.
135 - heel box (heals on a step pad or similar) max reps 45 seconds - I finished 24
Leg press - 2 sets
Knee up lunges on Smith Machine (deep knee lunge then bring lunging knee up as high as possible to chest)
Leg Extensions - 2 sets
Leg Curls - 2 sets

Break between sets is however long it takes for your partner to finish his/her set or 45-60 seconds.

Man on a mission following Seth thru the dungeon!!!