Thursday, January 26, 2012

the creation...

        When push comes to push harder, you pretty much only have one choice, and that's push harder.  Otherwise you just don't get anywhere.  I sort of wonder how I'm going to have changed physically after 3 months of this Crosspit madness, I really haven't done anything like this since back in the old days of Capoeira. It's funny because I'm waking up feeling that way, and I haven't felt that way in years.  Maybe it means I'm doing work again, which is awesome.  I'm getting ready to really tweak it to the bone in February and see how low I can go while still maintaining.  I'm going to cut but not quit training martial arts this time, which means I won't be able to cut as hard as I'm used to, but it'll be a fun experiment methinks.

        You know, one of the things I've noticed/come to realize/inferred/not really sure which is that for in the world of any sort of pursuit that requires mental effort, e.g. software development, game development, any sort of academia, it's all about marketing.  Puffing yourself up and telling the world how fucking smart you are, oh look at the big brain on me.  Honestly, that's the thing I've hated most about being in game development, is having to get good at self-promotion to get anywhere, or at least to keep moving up the pay scale. Once all the false trappings that are the current social structure fall way, you know after the EMP or the Zombie apocalypse, or hopefully both, then what?  My big brain and self promotion aren't worth a damn...

Fuck your GDC Talks, I'll eat the shit out of you...

        I think this is one of the things I come to appreciate about good martial artists, that humility.  It reminds me that I need to be more humble, and it drives me to step away from the things that I feel are keeping me from being humble.  I'm doing two more GDC presentations, and then I'm done.  No more self-promotion, no more marketing, none of that.  Just gonna bury my head in a computer for 8 hours a day, then train and be humble.  I'll be much happier for sure.

  • A1. Jumprope 2x3min
  • A2. Shadowbox 2x1min
  • B1. Medball Burpee: 12 3x1min
  • B2. Heavy Bag Squat: 75 3x1min
  • B3a. Fortyfive: 45 1x1min
  • B3b. Plate Swing: 45 1x1min
  • B3c. Fortyfive Swing: 45 1x1min
  • B4. Hanging Bag Guard Situp: 3x1min
  • B5. Heavy Bag Kick: 3x1min
  • B6. Wrecking Ball Punch: 3x1min
  • B7. Rest: 2x1min
  • C1. Bench Dip: 2x1min
  • C2. Pushup: 2x1min
        There was some grappling and stretching afterwards, wasn't sure if i was going to make it through the session today, but again...when push comes to push harder...

Today's TrainingTune: Kabalah - Astral Projection