Tuesday, January 24, 2012


...do you have what it takes?  I read a lot of books, go to a lot of leadership training and do my best to improve myself one way or another every single day of my life, and the one thing I've read, heard or seen over and over is the simple fact that Successful People do the things unsuccessful people do not.

An odd way to start off a post about today's workout, but three separate times today, I wanted to quit a set at less than complete, and this is the one thing that kept going through my head 'are you a Successful Person, or not'?  So I pushed it everytime...nearly to the brink of hitting that magik spot of having to run to the trash can to chuck.  If you're a serious lifter, competitor or athlete, or have ever been one or all of those things, you know that spot, cause you've been there before.

Life is about successes, and success means something different to each and every one of us.  Professional, personal, internal, external, all different types of success.  Success can be measured in what you do every minute of everyday.  From teaching your child to read, or accomplish something, to finishing that project at work and getting it in on time, under budget and polished to an absolute shine, to getting ONE MORE REP at the end of your set when you just don't have anything more to give.


Live it, daily...earn it with blood, sweat and tears.  Put it in your sights and don't stop until you grab it by the neck and stomp on it!  Then line up the next one and do the same thing, start small and GO BIG!

Today's workout was single muscle, mass impact, high reps, medium weight for time.

5 exercises, 280 reps - 22 minutes

Bent over single arm dumbbell rows - 55 x 30 - 2 sets
Cross-cable overhead reverse flys - 65 x 30 - 2 sets
Seated rows alternating grip - top, middle, bottom (10 each) 90 x 30 - 2 sets
Good mornings - cable station - 75 x 30 - 2 sets
Bending hip rotations - cable station - 65 x 20 - 2 sets


Do you have what it takes to GO GET IT!!!?