Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Fight Club

UBG Boxing Conditioning w/Mike B.
1st hour: conditioning

  • Roll it up
  • Plank it (long)
  • Roll it up
  • Plank it (shorter)
  • Plank leg raises 12 reps
  • Flop it (12 reps w/leg raise)
  • Straight leg hip thrusts (2 sets)
  • 10x push up both fists on disks
  • 10x push up right fist on disk left on ball right leg up
  • 10x push up reversed
  • 10x push up on TRX
  • TRX pike it
  • TRX combo tuck it then pike it - 2 sets
  • Ball overhead 90 deg legs roll it then thrust it combo - 2 sets
  • Drive ball sit ups with ball between knees
  • Partner ball toss situps with ball between knees
  • Partner chest toss situps with ball between knees
  • Feet in TRX straps hamstring thrusts - 2 sets
  • Foot on ball, other foot in air hamstring thrusts - 2 sets
  • Squat on the disks
  • Lunge on the disks
  • Med ball lunge with twist (on disk optional)
  • TRX lunges
  • Reach out lunges with kettlebell
  • Squat to side lunges with ball
  • TRX 1-legged squats with optional hop

30min boxing:

  • Heavy bag: jab; 2xjab; 3xjab; jab cross; hooks; uppercuts
  • Focus mitts: jab jab cross; jab 2xjab; jab 2xjab 3xjab jab cross; uppercuts; straight punch burnout x2; left right left slip(l); right left right slip(r)