Friday, March 26, 2010

Worst Day Of Your Life

Boot Camp Friday - Undisputed Boxing Gym w/Charles

3mi warmup jog (not part of the class but what the hell)

As Charles is fond of saying, "I'm going to make today the worst day of your life."

XX minutes nonstop (he said 20 but I think he went 25 or 30, I don't know I could barely breathe) 1 minute intervals, no rests. All exercises done for speed, as many reps possible. I use medium weight for these instead of light so that after about 0:45 seconds of each exercise I wish I was dead and I start screaming out in pain. For example I use 16kg kettlebells for the leg exercises and a bit smaller yellow ones for the upper body and maybe trade for the 16kgs if I feel good at the end of a set.

Run 2 laps around heavy bags farmer's carry 2x kettlebells
Military Press w/2 kettlebells
One leg in the air single arm press
Squats w/2 kettlebells
Run laps (fast) around heavy bags
Dumbbell flys
Bicep curls w/2 kettlebells
Tricep ext. kettlebell or dumbbells
Run laps (fast) around heavy bags Forward lunges w/1-2 kettlebells (each leg for 1 interval)
Various squats w/2 kettlebells
Single leg forward then backward lunges w/no step between (you can do with weights, I didn't)
Run laps (fast) around heavy bags
Jack knifes
Knee lift with twist
Run laps (fast) around heavy bags

Put weights away (running), glove up then:

jab, cross, hook
drop to prone on face and spring back up
sprint to far bag (~20 yards)
jab, cross, hook
drop to prone on face and spring back up
sprint to near bag (~20 yards)
repeat in a cycle for 1 minute as fast as possible hitting as hard as possible

1 minute straight punch burnout on focus mitts

2x more of the jab, cross, hook drill.