Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sun Is Risin'...

Thursday AM Workout

  • Speed Rope 100/50R/50L/100/100
  • Complex: 95 4x6

    • Deadlift
    • BO Row
    • Stiffleg Deadlift
    • Hang Clean
    • Military
    • Squat
    • Good Morning

  • EZ Bar Cheat Curl: 75 5x8
  • EZ Bar Cheat Reverse: 65 5x8
  • SGB: 45 x5/x5/x6

    • DB Clean Press each side
    • DB Swing each side
    • DB Lateral throwout each side
    • DB Bent Lateral both sides

SGBs are murder, thanks Scott Abel. But wow, i've missed the effects of morning training. Nothing like a big biochemical high to get you out the door and moving. This sort of thing in the morning sets me up for a good 5 3 1 this afternoon provided i stay on my eating schedule and dont crash out after lunch. This is pretty much the litmus test for the new lifting schedule. Just gotta keep my stress levels down and i'll be good to go. I think i almost threw up after the SGBs today...nice.