Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mad Squabbles

Boxing Conditioning at Undisputed Boxing Gym this am.

Standard first hour of conditioning, still working up to the full tuck and plank TRX interval times of 1 minute which is around 20-22 reps for me. Good partner medicine ball sit ups today, bad stability disk throws.

The equipment we use for conditioning:

Jump rope (warmups before class)
Stability disks x2
Kettlebell or kettlebells, pick one that is heavy enough for lunges and squats
Medicine balls x2
Big ball (Swiss style)

In general exercises are done in one minute intervals with 10-15 seconds rest between exercises. Some exercises are done for reps either 10, 12, or 15 with no rests. Planks tend to be done for either 30s, 1m, 2m with a rest period of back rolls.

Boxing today consisted of burnouts on the heavy bag:

10 seconds straight punches as hard and as fast as possible to same spot on bag using hips to throw from a good stance
10 seconds rest
15 seconds straight punches...
10 seconds rest
20 seconds punches...
10 seconds rest
30 seconds punches...
30 seconds rest
1 minute punches with extra emphasis on last 10 seconds

Then learning two combinations we built up on focus mitts using the progression:

jab, jab cross (2)
jab, jab cross hook (3)

jab, jab cross, slip left (2)
jab, jab cross hook, slip right (3)

Final combination:
jab, jab cross, slip left, COUNTER left uppercut, left hook (2, 2)
jab, jab cross, clip right, COUNTER, right uppercut, right cross (3, 2)

We also did uppercut burnouts on the focus mitts. Interval length is 2m rounds per combination with no rest, uppercut burnout rounds are 1m.