Saturday, March 27, 2010


EA Club One gym this am. Supposed to be a light day, wife says I don't know what that is.

No abs, no hands.
No legs, no abs.
All sports start at the legs.

15 min jump rope warmup - criss cross, doubles, steps intervals
squats: 5x135, 5x225, 5x275, 5x275
leg curls: 5x125, 5x150, 5x175
2:00 single leg lunges, 30s rest
1:00 frog hops, 1:00 sumo squats w/45lb dumbbell, 30s rest
2:00 lunge walk, 30s rest
2:00 step ups, 30s rest
2:00 sit ups, 30s rest
2:00 one legged sit ups, 30s rest
2:00 straight leg hip thrusts, 30s rest
1:00 push ups, 30s rest
3 2:00 rounds on double end bag (30s rest)
3 3:00 rounds on heavy bag, mostly working jab and double jab but also some counters (30s rest)
left hook technique work on speed bag