Friday, September 2, 2011

the art of war

Alright NOW i'm caught up for the week.  Sucks to really only have one day off, but that's alright.  I'm not sure if i'm sleeping better, but it sure feels like i am.  Possibly moving the bed was a good idea?  Whatever the answer is it's working.  Today starts 5 days off, hell yeah.  All i'm going to do is train, eat, play games, and sleep whenever's i feel likes it.  Soooo looking forward to doing nothing for a bit.  PAX was not a vacation, but man it was worth it.  Was funny, i caught myself in the mirror at the gym tonight and thought just for a fleeting second..."Maybe i'm getting too big?"  Then i laughed so hard i almost puked.  Whatever, what the hell does "too big" mean?  As long as i don't get crazy fat, i don't really give a fuck.  Worked my ass off, lost alot of weight, but at the end of the day, didn't look as good as i was hoping for PAX (speaking of), so fuck it.  Big and Bullstrong, that's the quest, or as Stallone put it speaking of his look for the most recent Rambo movie:

"Here’s a guy who never looks in the mirror and has basically become a beast: broad-shouldered, thick traps, thick forearms and heavy in the thigh."

Just gotta smash all the mirrors in the gyms i go to.  But yeah fuck it.  I like being big.  It's easy for me to get big, so...milk it:
  • TRX Chest 4x15
  • TRX OH 4x15
  • Band Lat 4x10
  • TRX Curl 4x20
  • TRX Hi Row 4x20
  • Band Curl 4x30
  • Band Kneel Tri 4x30
Alright then, speaking of getting big, time to go eat some food...and by that i mean more food.  Workout track o'the PM: Honour - VNV Nation.