Sunday, September 4, 2011

the strength of the chosen

So I'm adjusting the way I look at Power Shrugs now, and I kinda think i was being a little silly.  I realized today that they're more akin to a Static Hold than say a row or something like that.  It's basically a static/dynamic hold, at least the way I do em, since I tend to try and keep my grip tight.  My hold number isn't that high, so I figured maybe I should drop my Power Shrug number to somewhere in the range of my hold.  Sure, I guess I could buy straps since i'm doing shrugs as shoulders primary, but I really don't like the idea of passing up any opportunity for grip training.  Time to check the ego and boost the technique:
  • Press: 95/110/120x6
  • A1. Pullup: 5x5
  • A2. DB NG Shoulder: 5x5 60
  • A3. Front Raise: 5x5 40
  • B1. Floor Press: 4x10 70
  • B2. Power Shrug: 4x10 135
  • C1. EZ Curl: 4x10 85
  • C2. EZ French: 4x10 60
Something that may just be me because I'm a weak little girl, but I think there's a secret hidden bonus point to Poliquin's idea of training your ass off for two weeks, and that is that after two weeks of that shit, you are MORE THAN HAPPY to go back to training like a normal person for a bit.  In fact, I'm totally looking forward to post-Thanksgiving when I'll only be training twice a week for a month.  Crazy!  Of course after that it's back to training my ass into the ground for a week to setup more growth, but whatever.  It'll come when it comes.

TrainingTune o'the morn: Blood Divine - The Synthetic Dream Foundation.