Sunday, September 11, 2011

like god

So there's this piece of advice i've been following from the man himself Christian Thibaudeu that goes something to the effect of do what you feel you can, not what you have to.  Ok that sounds like a bit of a copout, so let me explain.  Basically what it means is be aware of how you feel when you're training and evaluate if you're going to get the maximum gains out of each set based on that.  That doesn't mean puss out because you're just having a weepy day, but it does mean if you really feel like you've gone as far as you can, maybe it's not a bad idea to just pinch it off.  Recently, I've found myself getting about 80% through my stations, at weight, mind you, and then just stopping.  Like literally, i mean i try to go into the next station and i can't even move the weight.  Case in point today, made it through all but the last two stations (DB Rows and Cleans), like, i went to grab the DB for rows and it seriously wouldn't move.  Which was weird, because going through the triset i felt like i got my second wind, but nope...So i cut it off and decided to go get donuts instead, it being sunday and all.  You know, in my old age, i'm just into that push-thru-it-all, train till you puke bullshit mentality any more, i'd rather make the most of what I can do, in other words, i'd rather do 80% at 110% instead of doing 100% at 75%.  Actually i haven't procured donuts yet, i'm taking some time to post this and rest a bit for the arduous trek down Wilshire to the KK.

Asura, you know, he seemed like a cool guy until i got to know Argus a bit more.  Asura and Argus are kinda like Dante and Nero.  Argus and Dante seem to be the guys you'd wanna hang out with, eat good food drink fine wine sleep with beautiful women, that sorta thing, whereas Asura and Nero...well, they're kinda whiny emo bitches.  Don't get me wrong yeah yeah fighting for love whatever, that's all very noble, but fuck man, have some fun.  You've got these superhuman abilities and fighting mastery, milk that shit, for fuck's sake.  I dunno...:
  • Deadlift: 190/215/240x12
  • A1. Good Morning: 5x5 215
  • A2. Chinup: 5x5
  • A3. GHR: 5x5
  • Uni Push: 4x10 60
Not a stellar workout overall, but not bad i guess.  Like i said, overall it felt pretty good, i mean i definitely don't feel like i DIDN'T do hard work.  Still tempted to get straps, but really?  Straps for anything under 400 just seems kinda pussy.  So i won't.

TrainingTune o'the PM: Electrical Tones - Pop Stream and Alternative Control.