Tuesday, September 20, 2011

by blind allegiance

Alright so day 1 of the assistance reset i feel went really well, the lower weights on the front squats let me focus alot on depth and mobility overall, so I may be sold on this a little more than I was last night.  Fair dues, I've been sold on it for the last couple of weeks at least the idea of.  I really hate bombing on lifts and I'm too old to really have any sort of ego about weights.  I keep saying that, I wonder if it's trying to reinforce it to myself or if it's just a go-to excuse at this point.  Ah well, either way, the statement stands.
I think i need to do more upper body mobility/prehab, i get the weirdest pain in my elbows when I do hanging stuff, but it's along the sides, more in the connective tissue than what you commonly think of as the joint?  Feelin like it's time to do a little more research on that, like...it doesn't feel threatening, usually goes away after the first set, and doesn't linger or pop up outside of training, so, i'll avoid panic for now:

  • Squat: 190/225/245x10
  • Jump Squat: 5x5 245
  • Front Squat: 5x5 165
  • BB Split: 5x5 95
  • Romanian: 4x10 135
  • Back Raise: 4x10 45
  • Wukong: 5x6

Interesting about the whole Crytek doing Homefront 2.  You know, the original Homefront was a great premise and I did enjoy certain parts of it.  I dunno, so, I really like FPSs, but i wish people would stop doing crazy shit and just make an FPS with the basic, time honored FPS mechanics we all know and love, then maybe toss in some story elements that don't fuck with the gameplay by adding some stupid mechanic designed to make me somehow feel like i'm more connected to the world, cuz, much like that judo head throw stuff, that shit never works.  Hard Reset is in my download queue for this very reason, i like pure fun shooters.  Don't get me wrong, I like story alot, esp if it's well presented.  For this reason, you'd think I'd be a Halo fan, but the problem with Halo is that they didn't really tell a story, they exposited it, which is both boring and lazy.  Seriously, watch an action movie, then watch a game with a "good story", you'll see a marked difference between the techniques used.

TrainingTune o'the Morn: Unholy - Davantage ft Suicide Commando.