Saturday, September 10, 2011

the years went by and i lost track

I had some interesting thoughts last night, mainly related to maximizing use of time alloted, for probably obvious reasons.  Anyway, I've ranted about this before, but to re-iterate, as cliche as this is to say (weird how i've been saying very cliche things alot for the last week), be into things you're into for fuck's sake.  I arrived at this particular thought thinking about how people often ask me if they can train with me, or if i'll train them, or have i ever thought about training people, and honestly, my answer anymore is No.  Well, let me qualify.  If you want to train with me, that is, if you want to come to the gym with me, that's cool.  I'm not going to train you, but if you wanna hang out, that's fine.  Reason being that training i think is probably the only thing i do anymore that i do because i LOVE doing it.  I mean sure, i do tons of other things, but i don't consider any of them really sacred.  I guess i'm not saying i wouldn't ever train someone else, but the reality is, if you want me train you, training has to mean as much to you as it does to me.  You know, nowadays everyone works out at least, you know everyone does P90X, Crossfit, Insanity, Zumba, whatever, so of course everyone catches the bug and "wants to train"...I dunno tho, i've had too many people just stop showing up, and you know, if i let you train with me or if i offer to train you, i'm sharing something important with you.  And when you treat it like that, that's just disrespect.  Usually i can shrug it off, but you know, not when it comes to training.  Training is one of those things that i'm getting to the point that i'm selfish enough to just keep for myself.  I started doing it by myself, if you want it bad enough, you can too:

  • Bench: 140/160/180x13
  • A1. DB Incline Press 5x5 70
  • A2. Lat Raise 5x5 40
  • B1. DB Neutral Decline 4x10 55
  • B2. Kneeling TC 4x25 200
  • C2. Cable Curl 4x10 130
  • C3. RopeX 4x10 140
  • Push Press 5x5 155
Gah, wish that Vitamin Shoppe on Wilshire would just fucking open.  Then i'd never have to drive again.  Well technically i already don't have to, i mean i can walk to GNC on the promenade whatever.

TrainingTune o'the morn: Bring Me Violence - Tactical Sekt