Wednesday, September 14, 2011

words are not enough for me to live on

As much as i want to try and balance leanness and strength, my priority has to be strength for now.  Meaning, if i have to eat a little more at lunch to get into a good lift in the afternoon, we're gonna do that for now.  I wonder if it's a mindset thing too, i think i dread workouts a bit less now.  Well, dread's not a good word, but i think not training twice a day is definitely a load off, so that's good.  After last night, i think there's this instinctive sleeping thing i might try.  I went to bed at about 1 last night and got up at...let's say 8?  Still got in a decent workout, altho i'm noticing I'm cutting the power stuff more frequently.  I need to figure out a way to make that shit work better, having a power component is going to become increasingly important.  It may be that i need to do some tweaking and figure out what the maximum rest i can do that both facilitates recovery but is still minimal enough to give the metabolism a good crank.  Gah, back to the mad training lab i guess, fun for the whole family:

  • Bench Press: 150/170/195x9
  • A1. DB Incline: 5x5 75
  • A2. Lat Raise: 5x8 35
  • B1. DB NG Dec: 4x10 60
  • B2. Kneeling TC: 4x25 200
  • C1. Cable Curl: 4x10 140
  • C2. Rope Extension: 4x10 150

I think Space Marine may be the perfect game for this year.  It only has really one small issue, but otherwise it's the just fun shooty-slashy-stompy violence.  I haven't played it enough to comment on it more than that yet, but I'll be spending some quality time with it Sunday i think.  Or maybe even tomorrow night.

TrainingTune o'the PM: Princess Chaos (Metafakt Remix) - Angelspit