Thursday, September 1, 2011

your hand did this

Nothing like a small tweak to remind you to pay attention to things, case in point, the jammed right finger. Really starting to pay attention to my right hand grip, which is good. It's funny, in retrospect, I'll admit i'd let it slip quite a bit and it really shows. Usually when I'm doing any sort of heavy or high rep grip stuff (rows, deads, etc), my right hand always fails first. Well, now i HAVE to fix it, which is awesome. I'll also admit that i went a little overboard on squat reps today, 3/3/15 is probably not how 5/3/1 is supposed to go:

  • Squat: 160/180/205x15
  • A1. RDL: 5x5 205
  • A2. Wukong: 5x5
  • Front Squat: 5x5 165
  • Jump Squat: 5x5 245
  • BB Split: 2x10 155
  • Back Raise: 4x10 35

Almost at the end of cycle 2, just need to bench tomorrow morning and we'll be good. I'll probably two-a-day tomorrow, do my eccentricless stuff friday night just so i'm all nice and swole-ish for the outing. Workout track o'the morn: Autonomy Of The Will - Dym.